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Kia 900: Top Notch

There are stuffy old luxury cars, and then there are the luxury cars that are built for your generation. That's where the Kia 900 comes in. Contemporary design, futuristic tech and efficient performance make Kia 900 the ideal vehicle for drivers from across the region.Image result for 2017 Kia k900 kbb


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A Sting During Fashion Week

The pop-up demonstration of the style and performance of the new Kia Stinger. The demonstration celebrated the high-performance Stingers first ever competitive racing event.

Who else would you have race a new vehicle during an event like New York's Fashion Week? Celebrities of course

The Stinger is more than just a pretty face, with the ability to rocket you to 60 mph in a mere 4.7 seconds.

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Get the Most Out of Your Tires with These Tips

When it comes to keeping your Kia in top shape, it's not a bad idea to start at the ground and work your way up. Your tires are the most essential safety feature that your car has, so paying special attention to them to make sure they're well cared for is imperative.

How do I keep my tires in good shape?

  • Take it easy when you brake and round corners. Heavy braking and fast cornering can do a number on your tires.
  • Do not under or overinflate your tires. This can cause your tires to wear down faster…
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KBB.com Impressed by Made-Over 2017 Kia Sportage

Has your new-vehicle search led you to the compact crossover class? Well, if so, we here at Power Kia feel you're likely to find a whole heck of a lot to like about ours, the fully redesigned 2017 Sportage.

"Such as what?" you wonder.

Receive the necessary context from Kelley Blue Book Managing Video Editor Micah Muzio; his critique of the Sportage is available right here:

No doubt one of our favorite members of the Sportage family, the mid-level EX trim promises to be one of the more popular picks.

Standard features on this model include 18-inch wheels, foglights…

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2017 Kia Cadenza is One Brilliant, Big-Bodied Sedan

Might you be in the market for a full-size sedan? Well, if so, we here at Power Kia would be quick to point you in the direction of ours, the 2017 Cadenza.

Wondering why we would?

Then, check the clip below. Here now to highlight some of the Cadenza's best qualities are our buds over at MotorWeek:

Talk about an excellent entry-level offering, the Optima's -- the Premium -- is precisely that.

Standard equipment on this trim includes 18-inch wheels, foglights, hands-free trunk opening, a rearview camera, leather upholstery, heated eight-way power front seats, a 7-inch touchscreen, Apple ...

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Keeping Safe When Driving with Children

Having children is one of life’s great pleasures, but it is also one of the greatest distractions that you will experience in your life. Driving with children in the car can be an incredible challenge as they can distract you in many ways from punching your seat, to crying, or to simply talking to you.
Here are some tips to drive safely when driving with children:
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Tips for Safe Driving On Your Journeys

Driving can sometimes be a dangerous thing. You never know what can happen when you get on the road. There are ways to avoid harmful situations. Follow these tips to decrease the chance of anything bad happening when you get on the road.

Always pay attention. There are many distractions that could result in a harmful situation. One major distraction is your cell phone. Make sure that you never text or look at your phone when you are behind the wheel. You can get in a major car accident and hurt yourself, others, and your car...

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Cars.com Smitten by Singular 2017 Kia Soul

If you're in search of a compact crossover that's not in any way afraid to march to the beat of its own drum, we here at Power Kia feel you should make a point to have a good, long look at the 2017 Soul.

Why, though?

It is at this point we'd like to turn things over to Cars.com commentator Bill Jackson. Hear his thoughts on the Soul in the clip below:

The latest addition to the Soul engine lineup, the all-new 1.6-liter turbo four-cylinder is straight-up sublime.

Available only with the top-tier Exclaim trim…

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